Many people don’t know what the legal requirements are relating to asbestos. Here is what you need to know:

  • The South African Department of Labour Asbestos Regulations (No.155 of 2002) prohibit an employer or a self-employed individual from carrying out work that will put any person at risk from asbestos exposure.
  • The Regulations also require that, where asbestos forms part of a building, plant or premises, steps are taken to ensure that the asbestos is identified and that potential exposure of any person to the fibres is prevented or adequately controlled.
  • No work is allowed to take place on asbestos or ACMs before a written work plan has been devised and the necessary precautionary measures have been taken.
  • Demolition or removal of asbestos and ACMs can only be carried out by an approved asbestos contractor.
  • To view the South African Department of Labour Asbestos Regulation click here

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