Our Services

Asbestos Removal

We specialise in asbestos removal. This process entitles an asbestos work plan, notification of the Department of Labour, secure storage of removed sheeting, safe removal from site, dumping certificates and site clearing reporting.

Asbestos Replacement

We specialise in the replacement of existing asbestos roofs without delaying the actual work process / operation in progress. Alternative material such as zincalume colour bond, in various profiles, is recommended.

Due to new building regulations, new insulation have to be installed. This insulation forms part of the installation process.

Asbestos Cleaning

We clean asbestos in a proper and safe manner to prevent asbestos fibre release. We use state-of-the-art equipment to increase and meet project deadlines.

Asbestos Clean-up

We successfully handle and clean–up burned down buildings and asbestos contaminated areas.

Asbestos Handling / Maintenance

Asbestos is wrapped according to asbestos regulations. It is transported to the local asbestos dumping site where dumping certificates / waybills are issued. Certified copies of these certificates are handed to the client.

Roofing & Reroofing:

We specialise in the:

  • Removing of old / damaged roofs
  • Fitting or installation of new roofs
  • Removing of rust and repairs to existing roofs
  • Painting and thermal insulation painting
  • Spraying of standard roofs
  • Spraying of thermal roof paints
  • Spraying of bulkheads and plaster ceilings
  • Spraying of acoustic and vinyl suspended ceilings
  • Spraying of non-painted surfaces, raw cement or coffer slabs
  • Spraying of base coated surfaces, pre-painted internal and exterior

We also do service level agreements.


We demolish industrial buildings, commercial buildings and old schools. The demolition process starts from foundation phase all the way up to the roof. We believe in recycling and all that can be recycled, will be recycled or donated to the local community.


Due to new building regulations, we now have improved energy efficiency in buildings. There are various types of improvement areas such as roof insulation and wall insulation. Products such as lambda board, isoboard and sisalation can drastically improve the energy efficiency of buildings. We are registered installers of these types of insulation.

What is the procedures to follow when you want to remove or clean your asbestos roof?


Firstly according to the asbestos regulations 2001 you need to do an assessment to determine the type of asbestos and quantity and the location of the asbestos.

Once that is determined decisions can be made on what must be remove or cleaned. An asbestos work plan will then be drafted and once all the relevant parties has sign the work plan the Department of Labor can be notified that asbestos work will be done. According to the Asbestos Regulations 21 (a) (iii) a plan of works must be submitted to the AAIA (Authorized Asbestos Inspection Authority) 30 days prior the commencement of the asbestos demolition work, which may at its own discretion allow a shorter notice period with a minimum of 14 days must be given to the Department of Labor.

The work plan will consist of the AAIA, asbestos contractor and client address and contact details, the starting date, monitoring dates and clearance dates by the AAIA. The plan will clearly stipulate the work procedures.

Once the AAIA, client and asbestos contractor has signed the plan, the notification to the Department of Labor can be done.

During the removal process the AAIA will take air samples to make sure that the removal process to determine the exposure limits. Should the results be above the (OEL) Occupational Exposure Limit the project will be stopped and the work procedures will then be amended to ensure safe demolition procedures.

The AAIA will after completion do a final inspection to make sure that the area are save and no visible asbestos are found. They will then issue a clearance report that must be kept for 40 years by AAIA, RAC and client.